Monday, April 13, 2015

Portobello Melt: Have you ever done something that is wrong on all levels, and if someone saw you would be mortified, but because you are alone you do it anyway? Great! And if you said, “No”, you are lying.

I was out of town for work, 3am start time was too early for the hotel's continental breakfast so I ran to work sans food. When 10 hour training shift ended I crawled back to the car and smelled portobello! I had my half sandwich from last night's dinner still in the car! The car temp was about 100°F so I figured it was out of the temperature danger zone, and I ate it. The once cold "veggie wedgie" from Oregano's in Scottsdale, was now a melty warm eggplant sub, that hit the spot. I half wondered if it would make me luck would have it, my iron stomach handled it just fine. 

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