Saturday, March 31, 2012

Be afraid: oh little Tunia, so darling, so fluffy and spoiled, be afraid. Be very afraid! Because, there is a new little darling moving in....
she barely outweighs you but she sleeps a lot more so you do have an upper hand! But beware.
Congratulations Hannah and Daniel on the arrival of 5lbs. 13 oz. Lyla Louise and to you Tunia, my deepest condolences. But take comfort in knowing it will take at least 4 months before she starts to take your toys

Friday, March 30, 2012

Covet {1 of ?}: most people secretly covet....ya not me. I do it right out in the open. There are a few things I am envious of, covetous of, and this is the first in hopefully many post about my wants, made public. Today I am envious of my mother's garden. I love my little life in DC but I really wish I had a garden. (these are the 6 pots in front of my parent's house)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hate Birthday: so it is no secret that I despise my birthday. Not exactly sure why, maybe it is because I tend to think, "seriously I am __ old I have only done...ya nothing with my life!" or because I can do for others till the cows come home but I hate to have people do just about anything for me. {yes it a controlling selfish thing I know I am working on it} maybe it's because I hate the birthday song, or store bought cakes, or cheap disposable party plates, or or or ....see I kind of hate my birthday. However, I got this little number in the mail today and it made just a few neurons, possibly an electron or two, excited for my birthday this year because it means I get 15% off an overpriced purchase at Anthro.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baggage: throughout life we all carry I am more than happy to carry this baggage!! Because, it means I am flying to UTAH today for 2 weeks.
{No you're eyes aren't playing tricks on you....1/2 of my suitcase is dedicated to shoes}

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frozen Dinners: it takes a minute to get to my point but just stick with me.....As one can imagine, being divorced people tiptoe around marriage with me, gag I hate that! On the other hand, I really appreciated when a friend in a for a quick visit today, just asked point blank what I thought about marriage and if I wanted to get married again...... I love marriage! Marriage is wonderful however, I think marriage is difficult, the most important things in life usually are (family, patience, love, forgiveness). The thing I have learned the most is doesn't get better. If you think he/she will change, they won't. If you think things get easier because you share a roof, lies. If you think your time together will be "better" or "higher quality" because you are married so there is no commute and naked spooning and conserving water by showering together are now "allowed" sans guilt, wrong again. {wow sorry about all the air bunnies """} If you are a nagging, moody controlling, diva as a girlfriend, don't elude yourself or him into thinking you will be a loving, sweet, submissive wife. If he is always watching the game, engrossed in work, obsessed with warcraft, or is a total slob, don't think he will be any different as a husband/father. The key is representing yourself in the beginning as honestly and genuinely as possible. This doesn't mean put yourself in the best light 24/7, this means you show your strengths and weakness', you show you are solid with AB & C but really suck at maybe DE & F. You mustn't be afraid to let them see you fail, weak, vulnerable, human. Marriage is not two perfect people finding a love that only gets better and easier with the " I do" and kids, marriage is 2 flawed people understanding that what they have while they are dating is a pretty close depiction of how they will be married. Late, sloppy, moody, controlling, mothering, funny, easy going, eats too fast, misses punch lines, social awkward, whatever the personality just be be you, for every Romeo there is a Juliet. Marriage doesn't make it easier, kids don't fix the problems. Yes children will bring a different kind of joy, yes living under the same roof will make things "easier", but in the end marriage is like a frozen dinner: if you buy the bargain brand chicken fried steak for $1.57, even if you put it into your really expensive microwave, it will still taste like bargain brand chicken fried steak. Just because you took it out of the poorly lit, dirty around the edges grocery store and into your lovely home doesn't mean you can expect fillet mignon when the timer dings. {The box clearly states chicken fried steak with sides of coleslaw and brownie}. There are so many choices but telling yourself it will get better...that shouldn't be one of them. You should be thrilled with your level of happy before the "I do's" -even if you do just really want chicken fried steak-

Monday, March 26, 2012

Anthropologie: it really should be simply Apologie. ....and there motto should be something like:

"sorry we have such great ideas that you think you can replicate at home but never will :) sorry we make you wish you had a giant loft exactly like our retail space so you could create seasonal wonder :) sorry you think spending $24 on a tea towel, $198 on a little jacket, or $2,400 on a chair is silly, cause we don't :) but come in and browse...maybe you can even find something in our sale annex :)"

Voila, rant over. and now for a few of the ideas I saw today that I really think could be quite lovely:
Idea #1
if you had a bundle of mugs and not enough cupboard space you could easily just put the mugs under the cupboard held by string and "s" hooks
Idea #2
if you are like the rest of us...keeping a plant alive and watered is tricky, but a touch of green is always welcomed especially in the kitchen. Solution: succulents.
not really ideas just 2 things I thought quaint:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Common Ground: so a few weeks ago I was with 4 friends who had previously not known each other. There were a few PhD's and MBA and a me in the group. As with most social situations, people frantically floundered for common ground while remaining cucumber cool on the exterior. We 5 did just this and, eureka, common ground was found. Sadly it was not exactly the most fertile ground. The topic was shotty as best and before I knew it I was completely submersed in a rousing game of Words with Friends with a random opponent I had allowed my phone choose. So odd, I had set up the lunch and before the appetizers even came I was completely removed because I hated the conversation, and then I started to think....yes I do that from time to humans we have more things in common with others than we realize, but I think at times in order to avoid a fumble or two we may go for the easiest commonality which isn't always the best. It is easy to talk about a bad boss, a horrid co-worker, how much we hate politics, religion, school, work, you name it! And trust me this is not calling the kettle black, oh I realize I am a fine specimen of taking a conversation or 2 to this point, I am so loud I can get an entire room to start bad mouthing things, it is easy, it is "safe". But what more of a challenge would it be for me/you if we simply found a higher common ground? Yes it may take a bit more time but I think it might be worth the effort. Just a thought for me that I am writing down so I actually try it out.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Merci: simple to one often makes a much larger impact to another. My dear friend lives blocks away and needed a little extra...vertical lift? I suppose while cleaning out a closet...{if you missed it she is a darling little petit thing and I am well, taller} I hopped over, hefted a few boxes of the top shelf and thought nothing of it....a few days later I get this in the mail:
the most charming little "Merci beaucoup" french bulldog card I had ever seen. I live blocks away, helped for a few minutes, and I get a handwritten bit of charming in my box? It's a simple action but gratitude always makes a larger impact than we thought. Thanks Ruthie

Friday, March 23, 2012

I can show you the {Disney}world:Last weekend I found myself at Disneyworld..... truly the happiest place on earth and amidst the princesses and castles there is a more rustic side if you will, I thought I would begin there. -no fear fantasy will fallow-Yes this is an abundance of photos and for those who have been recently this will be a bore for you, but for those of you who haven't is what the Animal Kingdom has in store for you: species that are extinct in the wild, beautiful enclosures made to look like ruins, and a few little thrill rides to break up the afternoon heat.

no I do not have a love child....this is Zoe one of my 3 nanny babies
DW2: Electro Parade, Small World, Fireworks
DW3: Finding Nemo Show
voila too many disney pics for one post but it's all over now

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

20003: (that is my zip code) when I blog stalk sometimes I don't want to read I just want pictures. I am sure that I could come up with something about blossoms, and time, and wonders of God, and how they appear over night and leave just as fast but really? Sometimes you just need pictures. Pictures that make your day, pictures that make you happy, but mostly pictures that make jealous you don't live here.......and yes I am not looking particularly stylish, just focus on being jealous of the're welcome.