Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DBD #16 Cougar Feast: This DBD is brought to you by Tinder :) He was cute, 28, skiier, seemed funny via text, and then we met for thai food. The first 30 seconds of our date are as follows:

"Hi, I'm Monica, nice to meet you" followed by an awkward first date hug

"Hey, I'm [Cole]" his real name was Patrick

"So Monicccaaaa, you look younger than your age. Your profile said you were 24, 25 I think, but you look like you are 22." and then he winked. I knew it was all down hill from here because I wanted to poke his winking eye.

"Actually [Cole], I'm 31" his real name was Patrick

"Whoa! No way. So that makes you a cougar!" for those who don't know, a 'cougar' is a 45+ish woman who dates 20+ish men. I, am NOT a cougar, that little moron was only 3 years younger than me

"Wait [Cole], how old are you?" his real name is Patrick

"28, but I've never dated an older woman. This is cool."

It was a painful meal, and my perfect pad thai couldn't compensate for the cougar comment, his look of horror, nor the endless monologue of why he never wanted a "real" job because being a caddy meant he never had to wear a tie to work.