Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Adaption:a recent text conversation happened like this:

"Hey Monica I am going running tonight, want 2 join me?"

"I would love to but I wrecked my knee at clogging competition in Sweden a few weeks ago so I can't :("

The conversation continued, I informed the guy I was joking, but that is not why I relay this tidbit... Seriously? That is my first response? Within seconds of getting his text that is what I write?! Clogging in Sweden? Yes I am pretty sure I am smart, but my brain sometimes goes to the very odd corners of it's capacity to get it's info, and it does it frequently, and very quickly! I thought it was funny, the recipient did, but not really, and was confused, and thus ran alone.  I considered adapting my personality, then got some Little Debbie Fancy Cakes instead. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sometimes I give Kenza baths, she really loves it, sometimes I think she is so cute I grab my phone and capture the bath....sometimes I realize I just took 4 pictures of giving my dog a bath and I subsequently realize I am not that far off from a crazy cat lady. Time to join Tinder.

Friday, September 13, 2013

It took all of this to combat the tepid jumble of emotions that ensued after hour 7 in the Ikea kitchen department, planning my sister's cabinet configuration. Who says you can't eat your feelings? They are wrong, I did, and it felt great.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The time I went to the mountains to cook for a young adult group: Last weekend I was asked to cook for 100 young single adults for 3 days. Challenge accepted, weekend was bliss. Accept for when you get all those pent up hormones in one cabin, and standards and morals are taken to their utmost breaking point {because the boys room is just across the hall!}, and instead of acting on the urges, they pull the fire alarm at 3 am, because at a cabin in the woods, that is about as risque and wild as a 22 yr olds can be without bringing dishonor to the family.

that is what is how I reacted:

My last apt in DC had a very touchy, very loud fire alarm. It would sometimes go off because the guy upstairs was cooking! I would fan it with whatever was close and be done with it. At 3am in a cabin in the woods in Utah, I am fast asleep, so when I fire alarm goes off, naturally I revert back to DC. In my underwear, I jump up on top of my bed, grab my quilt and proceed to frantically jump fan in the direction of the fire alarm 5 feet above my head. It only took about 15 seconds of crazy for me to realize there was no smoke, I was barely conscious, doing no good, and looking ridiculous. It was at this moment I got back into bed and was never so grateful I was sleeping alone, because if anyone had seen, I would have never lived it down. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Ikea,

Quick tip, during a quick trip a few days ago, I happened upon your knife display, it struck me as curious. Knives, suspended by magnets, attached by a cable, but once released from the magnet, they are allowed to hang well within reach of children. Don't you too find this curious? In the land of 3.64 children per mother in the store, that there be knives, dulled but still implailable, in the reach of the 3? Where a simple straw is turned into a knife by wild imagination, imagine what they do when they find your display...real knives! A worthy weapon for such a vivid little boy. I suggest a "Quick Suture" stand next to your "2 for $2" hotdog area. Just a thought.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jam:There are certain moments in life that are, simple, calm, mundane.....or so it would seem. But then you take this "simple" process of picking and cutting hundreds of pears for jam, and add Moore laughter, Moore stories, and a few Moore girls, and you have created a tangible harvest of memories that are unparalleled by conventional "fun".
Not sure I could rock red lipstick: Stole this video from my friend Ruth's blog. She is a dear friend and I think she and I should take to the skies, for a few months at least. Let's be honest here, ever since I was little I thought that flight attendants were just about as glamourous and wonderful as Ms. America {I said I was little!} I looked into it several times, but decided against it.....and recent conversations with a pilot friend of mine have shed a light that they are frequently cat hoarders, so I am glad that whim never became reality. That being said, in my next life, this seems intriguing: