Sunday, July 13, 2014

So intstagram and Facebook and blogging mom friends of mine are always posting awesome smoothie recipes. "My kids love it and they didn't even know it was packed with kale", "Our awesome morning routine, I love my #blentec #soogood#healthnut" "Getting fit for summer with this awesome coconut water, chia, patchouli, squash, oregano, dill, berry shake #30hereicome, #takethatironman" okay those aren't real quotes but you get the idea. So tonight after a long swim, I was too tired to chew so I took what was in the fridge and blended the crap of it. Voila dinner:

1 avacado (cut the moldy bit off)
1 over ripe mango (peel first)
1/2 cucumber
1 really ugly frozen banana
1 of my roommates blueberry yogurts (that guy never takes out the trash, leaves the door unlocked, leaves his clothes in the wash for days! so I can't use the machine….he owes me! rant over)
1 small handful of mixed greens
3/4 c raw rolled oats
2 c H2O

mix on high for about 2 minutes. And enjoy…..actually no! What on earth made me think this would be awesome? This was the worst tasting smoothie ever, it looked like baby puke and had an overpowering overripe mango flavor, with a hint of spa day from the cucumber. #iwillneverbeasmoothieaholic. #seriousfail, #noiamnotasmoothiechef, #shouldveeatennoodles

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  1. You crack me up! Especially cutting the moldy bit off the avocado...This is the reality of my fridge too as you know. I'll have to try your bang up recipe on my kids tomorrow, I think I have all the ingredients