Wednesday, July 2, 2014

just once i'd like to:
don't get any ideas, this isn't a bucket list of natural wonders I'd like to see before I die, think shallower, like more shot glass than bucket......just once I'd like to:

summer in the Hamptons*have a wild tantrum, like toddlers get to have all the time, in public*get in a police chase and drive real fast and furious*own those multi colored spikey Louboutins*drop on entire stack of dishes on a tile floor*attend the Kentucky derby wearing a fabulous hat*kiss a totally random hot stranger-without a wedding band-without hesitation in public*drop a water balloon of the Empire State Building*eat an entire package of oreos in a single sitting....wait, silly me, I've done that*look rocking hot and all ripped in a white bikini ....which will never happen (see previous statement for clarification)*have Kate Middleton ask me to come over just because she needs a friend*tase a rude teenager

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