Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hot Yoga: this doesn't sound right, not in Singapore. Just bending down to tie a shoe outside feels like hot yoga. Hot yoga sounds like an excuse not to use air conditioning! But there was a groupon, so why not. When I called to schedule my class, "yes Mr. Moore we have mats and towels here for you when you come" (pronouns can be so tricky on the phone). When I arrived, I was handed a small hand towel and found my mat. I looked around and everyone else had a full size towel on their mat, everyone but me. Towels are provided, for your face, not your mat, something they neglected to inform me. So to keep it short, it went like this, 3 minutes into the first pose, my sweat is dripping onto my mat. 4 minutes in I try to go into down dog and I step in my sweat and slip. Basically the next 56 minutes were no different. It was like yoga on a slip and slide…I was a hot mess. I was the only caucasian in the class, the instructor couldn't stop staring, and to make matters worse, I had makeup on, so by the time I was done with yoga, my mat was a Jackson Pollock-esque masterpiece of medium beige face sweat. But I will be back, with a towel, and a fresh face.


  1. I seriously can't stop laughing! Love reading your blog.

  2. This is awesome. I did hot yoga with my sis in KS once and felt like a hot mess. ALSO I know why your smoothie didn't taste good -you forgot the ice cream! Oh wait, no… thats a milkshake. dang. guess thats why Im a milkshake person.

  3. You are hilarious and a lot tougher then me I think I would have just laid there and called it a nice sauna experience.