Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DBD #15 not a full date, just a text: Sometimes normal really great guys, send Dive Bomb Texts! Not much description is needed, it's pretty awesome. The following is a conversation we had a few days ago. (I mention being 152, that's most likely only at 5am naked on a scale after peeing and not eating for a week.)  He is on the left, my responses are on the right Enjoy:
Nothing like adding a picture of a ripped athlete to make you feel awesome right? And this is why somedays I am slightly momentarily terrified, sure I should just accept my fate and start adopting babies and forget about dating….technology has ruined dating. At the click of a button you can show me where I could be…slick. Somebody please pass the nachos with a side of wings and mac and cheese. Andrea Ager, you are tight, but I am fine being a bit loosey goosey.

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