Thursday, June 26, 2014

This photo has nothing to do with this post....I just adore this place....Henderson Waves, singapore.

Sparkletail: I love being wrong. LIES! that's a lie, and a truth at the same time. Let me explain.....I love thinking I know who I am and what I want, only to find that I was wrong! Only to realize that while yes, I am living and breathing, and aging, my character is as well, changing, living if you will.  Being out and away from everything familiar, everything comfortable, I am left most days with my own thoughts and very few distractions. Yes there is work, and meetings, and calls, and kitchens, and frosting, and and and, but it has been quite nice to have time with my thoughts. Time with just me. I should tune out more often. I digress....I always thought work would come first, I would be determined and focused and cut throat. I knew it....and I was wrong. As my professional life has matured, I realize work and opinions aren't the driving factors, people come first in my life. I am determined and focused and cutthroat at times, but I find that people matter to me more than most anything else. The products and the deadlines are crucial, but the person holds a greater weight. Sometimes you think you're a total badass....then you sit down and realize your really a pink unicorn with a sparkle tail on the inside. 

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