Wednesday, July 25, 2012

*as a disclaimer I have nothing against people who only publish the good, good for you, glad that works for you, your blogs are lovely, however that doesn't work for me* XoxXOo

Faux v. pas-faux: I read some blogs and they are all, "rainbows and unicorns, life is perfect I cook uber healthy vegan meals for my husband and 4 kids, I refinish antique furniture, and sew baby blankets for freezing children in Africa, my nails are always painted and I road bike 50 miles a day" well thumbs up unrealistic blogger who makes me feel worthless and unworthy of my vacant uterus. I am not that type blogger. So here is a slice of faux vs. pas-faux "blogger" life. If I was the the first mentioned type I would post something like this:

"I just moved into the cutest little place ever!!! :) it is in DC and I luv it!!!!! I feel like I am in the nesting phase {I Heart Nesting} here are my newest purchases for my darling place....clever huh I used the soap holder as a bobby pin holder and the lotion bottle as a bottle for my mouthwash. Can't wait to show you the rest {giggle giggle} thanks Ikea for this $12.99 bargain"

Thanks for nothing. What she isn't showing you is what is really going....and that when she turns around from taking pictures on her really great tile cause it's the only clean surface, she turns around to this:

"I just moved into a charming place in DC however, 2 hours after moving in, water started leaking from the ceiling and stopped 72 hours later when maintenance could fit it into their busy schedule. As a result, I can't move into the bedroom or the closets due to mold and now my life looks like this:
  • Can't get to my fridge so I eat beef jerky 3x a day that I store next to my pajamas.
  • Tried to move into the kitchen but realized stuffs in my way so I stopped after 1/4 cabinet
  • I keep important things on the TV
  • Kenza just lays there and I can hear her sighing, "I left my gated community complete with pools and great backyard for this? you suck!"
Voila how do you like them rainbows :) sincerely, pas-faux


  1. Amen to that!! Love this post! Alexis and I laughed so hard (not at your situation but at your creative play on faux-pas/pas faux).

  2. hahha, i love that you posted this ;) amen sister!