Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stage: Shakespeare's As You Like It contains the popular monologue beginning with, "all the world is a stage", how true this is. So many people acting so many parts. I wish I could say I was removed from this but alas I am human and I too play different parts from time to time. I was high and mighty working online banking, overly flirtatious calling everyone, "darling or honey" while working at the truck stop, I was gentle and understanding while teaching french, a straight up back-talking fireball while I was a pastry chef {you had to be or you didn't survive}, I am funny, sarcastic, and loud around my family, awkward, shy, and slow to warm in situations that cause me to "mingle" with other singles {this is my least favorite side! how I wish it would die. I am such a chubby caterpillar leaving a slime trail when I would much prefer flaunting my sleek social butterfly wings for all to see}, Lately my "part" is pensive, eyes wide open, breathing deeply, laughing often, loving much, internally calmer than I have been for a while. The world truly is a stage and I do love being on it, and I rather enjoy my current casting.

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