Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grow into Life: Lil had a heart attack last week, she is home now. Hearing about it almost gave me one of my own; technology is wonderful and I love it when we talk but I do wish I were closer. As we talked last night she offered such timely advice on life. "Sometimes it feels like someone is just looking at a baby and tell it to get up and start running! Run baby run! It hasn't even crawled yet." I continued thinking about it after the conversation, how we expect so much so fast but we don't always realize that even as adults, we still have to grow into life. This little video - while done for the olympics - provides decent visuals...

The origins of this bit of wonder: my little brother and his darling wife {Nick and Audrey} have a friend, who I hate! Okay not really, she is lovely but I dislike that she gets to live in France :) while there she blogs and shoots charming videos of her family

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