Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break 2 of 2: so this year was not the previously mentioned MTVesque spring break....although with my "single" status being restored a bikini clad beach weekend could have been fun :), nor was it the car sick Astro van spring break with 4 siblings....this year my spring break was:
waking up to the mountains and the orchard,
General Conference with Teresa and Hannah,
(thanks Audrey's dad Frank for getting us VIP tickets...okay they weren't VIP but I tell myself they were so I can feel fancy)
quick flight to Denver for a charming Easter with the Moffitts,
{yes that is his Easter basket that I wove myself from pear branches sitting on the bathroom sink, I know it was a terrible place to stash a basket!}
a trip to Boulder for a little "entertainment" rivaling Cirque de Soleil,
then 8hr car ride back to Utah with Gable,
poor guy didn't see it coming! Teresa, Gary,Jennifer, Darren, Monica, Nick, Audrey, all full strength? We laughed the entire weekend, we scared my mom multiple times, we stayed up late, we played games, we saw 2 c+ movies in a row, we ate wings :), we heard medical school horror stories complete with pics POIDH
and last but never least, we went to my favorite place in American Fork Canyon, Tibble Fork

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