Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break 1 of 2: now normally when you think of spring break (woohoo) you might think of neon, getting drunk on a beach, getting flashed by wayward teenage girls trying out their "independence", awesome outdoor concerts, waking up hungover,.........wait a minute that isn't normal, that is what MTV in 1999 told me Spring Break was ! What a let down mainstream media :( thanks for nothing... I have never been in a neon bikini while listening to a rad concert while doing a keg stand while surrounded by friends on a beach. Spring Break for me was usually a 6 hr astro van ride to Zion Nat'l Park with my 3 sisters and 1 brother with moments of intermittent mild to extreme car sickness because my dad, bless his heart, took those corners too fast, "Gary!" (moms voice still resonates). There were twizzlers and PB&Js that always got smashed because we always made a whole loaf's worth then put them back in the bread bag for transport. {Some times I wish we didn't care about the environment or had the $ :) and could have put each sandwich in its own bag!} There was bug spray and sunscreen, a combo of which always found it's way into my brother Nick's eyes and never onto Jen's shoulders, so without fail she got burned ever-single-year. I usually had a broken arm, Beth wanted to sleep in some makeshift teepee, and Hannah never had to walk anywhere because she was the youngest so dad always put her on his shoulders.-----------voila-----------that is what I remember.

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