Sunday, April 15, 2012

Desk: Being so close to so much in the city I feel as though the space I live in is much larger than it actually is. For example, my desk is about half a mile from my bed. My desk is here, in front of the Library of Congress. As the sun sets, almost every night I come here to catch up on my correspondence. I usually am alone because the tourists have returned to their hotels and are sorting their souvenirs and yaping about how bad their feet hurt while transferring their 8GB of photos onto computers, and the residents are at home with their families yaping about how, "tourist season is upon us". The city is quiet so this is a fitting place for my purposes. Tonight I watched the sunset, I had a little conference call with my 2 older sisters, I wrote a few letters, and I emptied the secrets from my head to my journal so I am ready for the week. And I think I am ruined! After 5 summers of this, I can ever go back to having a conventional "desk"

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